The Food Connection is your place to find updated information on the Take and Make meal plan. Check out the blogs for the box contents of each week this semester! Share recipes and swap food with other students on the meal plan. Look for workshops, food adventure info, and much more to learn new culinary skills and make the most out of the Take and Make meal plan!

Based on student feedback from last year, this meal plan will bring more local and organic foods, more selection and balance, and a pantry box full of staples. The boxes will have less processed foods and we’ll provide more workshops, potlucks, and other activities!

As a part of Northland’s Local Foods Initiative, the Take and Make meal plan strives to provide you with delicious, local foods and equip you with the techniques and social considerations to be healthy consumers. Our hope is that this helps build a foundation for a lifetime of creating nutritious, seasonal, and sustainable food options for the healthy development of self, family, and community.

Become a leader of tomorrow’s food revolution. Learn more about Northland’s Local Foods Initiative.