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Program Planning and Registration

Do you want to map out a four year plan? Are you getting ready to register? Our Program Planning and Registration page is your one-stop resource.

Program Planning and Registration

Jobs and Job Hunting Resources

Outdoor Education: Is that really a professional field? Are there real jobs there—careers?


Here’s what some of our graduates have done: Graduates

Have a look at our job postings and job-hunting resources. Get a feel for the job market, or find a job.

Outdoor Education Jobs

Job Hunting Resources


Use our Internships page to satisfy a graduation requirement, enrich your academic program, or strengthen your career preparation while adding to your resume.

Outdoor Education Internships

Scholarship Opportunities

We’ve cataloged a few scholarships that may be of interest. Contact our Financial Aid Office for more.
Northland Financial Aid Office

Class Reading Lists

Get a head start on your semester reading assignments. Grab your hi-liter, go to your professor’s list, and dig in.

Class Reading Lists