Therapeutic and Universal Design Emphasis

Emphasis Requirements (Under: Look at Your Course List)

Winter and spring electives-pdf: Universal Design and Adaptive Courses Winter 2013

Graduate Profile

Work in wilderness-based intervention and rehabilitation programs, community mental health settings, juvenile corrections settings, alternative school settings in residential wilderness therapy programs, community-based adaptive parks and recreation programs, or community support services for people with disabilities.

Teach outdoor skills, effective social interaction skills, self-esteem and self-confidence building skills, productive coping strategies, skills of inclusion, corrective physical activity, recreation skills, universally accessible program design, therapeutic interventions.

Adapt teaching techniques, outdoor equipment, outdoor programs to serve specific needs of the student, recreational activities to be inclusive of mixed ability groups.

Work with youth at-risk, mixed ability groups, children and adults with physical disabilities, cancer, diabetes, HIV or other life-long conditions, people who have cognitive disabilities, people who experience mental illness, and people commonly excluded from outdoor or adventure education because of ignorance or discriminatory practices.

Earn salaries comparable to teachers, social workers, juvenile justice employees, outdoor adventure educators, and community recreation providers.

Learn to including all people in outdoor and adventure education environments, providing therapeutic interventions to persons with specifically identified needs, designing and implementing universally accessible outdoor programs and equipment, helping people gain self-esteem, coping skills, social interaction skills, and acceptance.

Additional Options

Career and graduate school options are enhanced when you add course work in a complementary field of study such as psychology, business, education, or a well-chosen set of electives within the outdoor education program. Talk with your advisor about complementary ways to enhance the strength of your degree.

Go to Graduate School in education, outdoor education or recreation, therapeutic recreation, sociology, psychology, occupational therapy, adventure therapy, disability studies.

Career Ideas

Become an outdoor education instructor skilled in accessible design and instruction, a wilderness counselor for adjudicated youth, a recreation program coordinator serving persons with diverse abilities, a teacher in an alternative education setting, a counselor for adjudicated or at-risk youth, an adaptive skills instructor, a youth counselor at a domestic violence shelter, or an independent living specialist.

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