Major Requirements

2013-2014 Catalog

Outdoor Education Major
OED 221 Group Process & Leadership 4
OED 261 Environmental Education Curriculum Review 4
OED 270 Facilitating Challenge Course Programs 4
OED 276 Foundations & Principles of Outdoor Education 4
OED 328 Wilderness Writers & Philosophers 4
OED 424 Outdoor Education Programming & Risk Management 4
One of the following 3
OED 210 Inclusive Outdoor Education
OED 279 Access and Diversity
One of the following 4
OED 332 Winter Travel & Living Skills
OED 446 Wilderness Instructor Training
Outdoor Educator Professional Development Block
The following four courses are taken concurrently during fall term of the junior year
OED 237 Woodscraft and Woodland Skills 2
OED 324 Water Skills & Water Travel 5
OED 326 Land Travel & Camping Skills 5
OED 381 Outdoor Education Teaching Techniques 5
OED 496 Outdoor Education Capstone 4
The Outdoor Education Capstone is a full-time, 10-12 week intensive teaching or leadership practicum within a professional outdoor education environment. It is intended to be a culminating opportunity for students nearing graduation to hone their teaching and leadership skills in a professional setting.  The capstone may be taken after completion of the required Outdoor Education Professional Development block. Capstone experiences are chosen in consultation with, and require approval from, faculty in the Outdoor Education program.

Choose an Emphasis in Outdoor Education

9-12 credits

Emphasis in Therapeutic and Universal Design
Course Requirements
OED 437 Universal Design Laboratory 4
OED 439 Therapeutic Principles and Practices 4
Relevant field experience, independent study, research assistant, or teaching assistant 2-4
Credits Required for an Emphasis in Therapeutic and Universal Design 10-12
Emphasis in Natural History and Interpretation
Course Requirements
OED 361 Interpretive Program Design 4
OED 362 Apostle Island School Preparation 0-1
OED 363 Apostle Islands School 4
OED 425 Advanced Topics in Natural History 4
Credits Required for an Emphasis in Natural History and Interpretation 12-13
Emphasis in Wilderness Leadership
Course Requirements
Two from 6-8
OED 330 An approved National Outdoor Leadership School Course 1
OED 331 An approved Outward Bound course 1-3
OED 332 Winter Travel and Living Skills 4
OED 446 Wilderness Instructor Training 4
Or an approved outdoor adventure education course of 21-35 days
One from 0-4
Wellness Curriculum Level 4 certification in climbing or paddling
Or American Canoe Association Instructor Certification or equivalent in one discipline
Or AMGA Single Pitch Instructor certification or equivalent
Credits Required for an Emphasis in Wilderness Leadership 6-12
Individually Designed Emphasis
Work with an OED faculty advisor to design an appropriate emphasis
for an area of professional interest, or add a minor from any
9 credit minimum
Credits Required for an Outdoor Education Major with Emphasis 58-64