Sue Thurn, née Benson

Museum educator changes classrooms
(Sue Thurn, née Benson)

Wednesday, September 29, 2010
By Susan Amundson, Staff Writer
The County Journal, Washburn, WI

Eighteen fourth graders mill about the classroom, chatting and giggling. When it’s time to take their seats, the call of an owl directs the children’s attention to their new teacher. It’s a skill Sue Thurn brings to her new job as fourth-grade teacher at Drummond Elementary School.

As the former director of education at the Cable Natural History Museum, Thurn isn’t new to working with youngsters, or to teaching.

“Even though I am a first-year teacher, I have had 20 years of informal experience in the classroom,” Thurn said.

Thurn is a 1990 graduate of Northland College with a bachelor of science degree in biology with emphasis in outdoor education. She began her career as a naturalist at the museum, over time moving up to director of education.

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