Grant’s Classes

OED 222 Exploring the Human/Animal Connection (part of a 2 course block with Sociology)
(New in 09-10 or 10-11)
Students in this class will explore, and consider, the ways in which humans interact with the animal world in the contexts of food, food production, habitat, environmental impact, and ethics. Topics will include farming practices, hunting, and fishing. Offered in Winter Term.

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OED 324 Water Skills and Water Travel 4 Credits
Participants will study and practice essential elements of safe and efficient flat-water travel. We will focus on the open canoe: strokes, teamwork, portage techniques, risk recognition and management, trip planning, and leadership in a series of day, and multi-day trips.

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Course Materials (Password Protected)

OED 332 Winter Travel and Living Skills 4 Credits
New in 09-10
Students will learn skills essential to travelling and living in winter environments. Cross-country skiing and snowshoeing will be learned and practiced, along with physiology, nutrition, equipment, ice safety, avalanche awareness, snow shelters and traditional “hot tent” and toboggan travel. Offered in Winter Semester. Prerequisite: Fall Semester Field Studies in Outdoor Education or instructor consent.

OED 420 Special Topics in Wilderness Emergency Care 4 Credits
In this upper division class, students will investigate selected topics in wilderness medicine. The professor will teach the first half of the session, during which time students will research topics of their choosing, and prepare to present them to their classmates during the second half. Offered irregularly in Spring Semester. Prerequisites: Wilderness First Responder Certification or Instructor Consent.

PED 303 Analysis of Human Performance 4 Credits
Syllabus-pdf: AnalOfHumPerSyllabus-Fall 2010.docx
Syllabus_Archival-pdf: AnalysisOfHumanPerformance_Archival
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Prerequisite: PED 301
Students will study principles of Exercise Physiology, and their application to physical activities. Particular attention will be paid to: bioenergetics, the physiology of muscular contraction, neural control and feedback mechanisms, and application of same. Fall Semester. PED 301 Musculoskeletal Anatomy or Instructor Consent.

PED 301 Musculoskeletal Anatomy 4 Credits
Syllabus-pdf: M-S-Anatomy-Winter-10Syl
Syllabus_Archival-pdf: MusculoskeletalAnatomy
This specialized course features an in-depth study of human skeletal, articular (joint), and muscular systems (their structure, function, and interaction). Students will develop conceptual understandings and explore applications, rather than memorize details. Winter Semester.