Elizabeth K. Andre

Assistant Professor of Outdoor Education

Northland College Outdoor Education Professor, Elizabeth Andre, plies the aerated waters of North Carolina's Nantahala Falls

I am thrilled to join the Outdoor Education Faculty at Northland College. Northland is widely known and respected among Outdoor and Environmental Educators and among others who are dedicated to a vision of a more sustainable and just future and to the role of higher education in crafting this future.

I come to Northland from doctoral studies in Environmental and Science Education at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis. I also work as an educational consultant, curriculum writer, and expedition member for the Will Steger Foundation, focused on using Steger’s polar expeditions to educate the public about climate change. In addition to these two hats, I wear the hat of instructor for Outward Bound Wilderness and for the University of Montana’s Wild Rockies Field Institute.

Building on my master’s work in Outdoor Education, these scholarly and professional experiences feed my interest in ways to combine the best aspects of both Outdoor and Environmental Education. I want to see Outdoor Education programs fulfill their potential to teach not just in the outdoors, but for the outdoors and for the total environment. I also want to see Environmental Education programs more skillfully incorporate outdoor experiences into the curriculum to promote healthy and caring relationships with the natural world.

I believe it is important to not only know about the environment, but to personally know the natural world, as a friend. To this end I try to balance my time indoors reading, thinking, writing, and teaching about the environment with my time playing outdoors. I canoe, kayak, climb, hike, ski, dogsled, and daydream outdoors. I am looking forward to exploring and learning from the northwoods of Wisconsin on my own and with members of the Northland community.