One-Arm Freedom Canoe Paddle, Posted: 4/1/10

I want to let you know the adapted canoe paddle for one-arm use—recently named the One-Arm Freedom—will be available beginning June 2010.  This morning there is an on-line article (also in print) in the Wisconsin State Journal.

Cindy Dillenschneider
Professor of Outdoor Education
Northland College
1411 Ellis Ave.
Ashland, WI 54806 (Replace AT with @)

Northland College Outdoor Education Student to Perform at the 2010, Vancouver, Winter Games

Noel-Leigh Cockney competes in the Alaskan High Kick event, at the Northern Games, in the Northwest Territories, Canada.Noel-Leigh Cockney is a Sophomore Outdoor Education major, from Inuvik, Northwest Territories, Canada.

He has been a lifelong participant in the Inuit Northern Games, which will be featured as a demonstration sport during the Winter Olympics, this coming February. Noel has been chosen to represent his people, and his country, in this event. They will do a dress rehearsal/demonstration in the stadium of the B. C. Lions Pro Football team, and then head off to the Olympic Village, where the group will perform, daily.

Northland College Outdoor Education Graduates, Alissa Weitz and Brian Castillo, Circumnavigate Lake Superior by Sea Kayak.

Northland College Outdoor Education Graduates, Alissa Weitz and Brian Castillo, posing with their sea kayaks, on the Lake Superior shore Not biting hard into the previous dish? Good, neither did we. That menacing Monday morning we departed from an additional undisclosed location headed off towards the Wisconsin break wall. Sweet Mother Superior forecasted some unrelenting winds from the Northwest as we began our journey on the south shore. The winds around time of departure foreshadowed a ‘not so fun’ potential, but once we reached the lake and paddled beyond the break wall . . .” Follow this link to their Weblog, to keep reading

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