The Writing and English program combines the formal study of literature with practice in the art and craft of writing fiction, poetry, and creative non-fiction. Coursework for Writing majors and minors includes a full range of classes in the genres, from introductory courses to advanced workshops, as well as immersion in the study of literature; English students also have the option of taking writing classes toward completion of the minor.

Northland is home to a vibrant community of writers: students and faculty publish their writing locally and nationally, regularly give public readings, and work with visiting writers who conduct workshops and read at the College. A variety of campus publications, including Mosaic, Northland’s undergraduate literary journal, provide ample opportunities for students to work in local publishing and to find audiences for both creative writing and journalism. The annual Barbara Bretting Creative Writing and Photography Awards offer monetary prizes for outstanding student creative work.

Writing students take their studies beyond the classroom through internships in professional settings; these experiences allow them to explore career interests and gain on-the-job skills. Career possibilities for graduates in Writing and English include editing for publishing companies, writing for magazines, and working in public relations, marketing, technical writing, teaching, or other occupations that require one to write well, read perceptively, and communicate effectively.